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If your car has been noticeably louder when the engine is on, you’ve likely got a damaged exhaust system. Not only is a damaged exhaust system loud and obnoxious, it’s also dangerous! It can allow toxic fumes inside the cabin! Your vehicle’s exhaust system carries the fumes from spent gas away from the vehicle. These fumes are toxic and can cause harm to the driver if they seep into the vehicle. Faulty or damaged exhaust systems will degrade your car’s fuel efficiency and performance. Let one of our technicians repair your muffler or exhaust system.
We offer a full inspection of your exhaust system looking for weak and rusted areas, busted brackets, and damaged areas that can allow fumes to escape. Inspections by our experienced technicians are quick and no appointment is necessary. We can also install factory and custom exhaust components!
Common Symptoms Of A Bad Muffler
  • Exhaust is louder than usual
  • Excessive condensation coming from the muffler
  • Engine Misfiring
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