Brake Repair

Brake Repair Services

Your brake system is critical to the reliability and safety of your vehicle. Our ASE-certified brake repair technicians won’t just inspect your brake pads, they will examine the rotors and brake fluid too, to ensure that your brakes are working properly. We work on all domestic and import vehicles. 

Not sure if your brakes need checking? Here are a few common indicators:

  • The brake light has come on
  • Brake noises (squeaking or screeching)
  • A burning smell when you push on the brake pedal
  • Rumbling or vibration in the steering wheel when coming to a stop
  • Needing to press the brake harder than usual

Your car will give you warning when it it’s time for brake maintenance or repairs. If you notice a squealing or grinding when you depress the brake pedal, that means your brake pads are wearing thin and you are possibly digging into your brake rotors. If you’ve noticed that your car tends to pull to one side when slowing down or coming to a stop, that could mean your brake calipers are malfunctioning, or you have low brake fluid. If your brakes start to feel “spongy”, or don’t provide as much resistance as it used to, you could have air in your brake lines. Once you begin to notice any of these conditions, bring your car in to us, so we can prevent it from damaging any other brake parts. Failure to do so could result in a more expensive repair bill than you anticipate! Rick’s Radiator and Muffler’s technicians are trained to handle brake pads, parking brakes, rotors, drums, hydraulic systems and brake shoes.

Rick’s Radiator and Muffler is located in Midlothian, Texas and has been in the auto repair business for over 30 years! Contact us online or give us a call at 972-723-8467!