Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips
Winter will be here before you know it. While we don’t see extreme temperatures very often here in Texas, the colder temperatures do take a toll on your car. In order to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape and can get you where you’re going without any worry, there are a few things that need to be checked and maintained.

Battery Power

Cold temperatures significantly reduce the power that your battery puts out. If your battery is getting close to the end of its life, it may be time to invest in a new one. Of course, you can always bring it in to a mechanic or auto parts store to verify that it is still providing enough cranking amps to weather the Winter temperatures.


Making sure your car has a proper amount of anti-freeze will make things much easier on your engine. Anti-freeze lowers the freezing point of the fluid that keep your car from overheating. Your engine requires anti-freeze/coolant to keep moving throughout the engine to maintain its temperature. When your coolant is a frozen block of ice, it could result in expensive damage to your engine!

Windshield Wipers/Wiper Fluid

If it’s below freezing outside and raining, your sight becomes compromised by ice forming on your windshield. The first line of defense against ice forming in your line of sight is a good windshield wiper. If your wipers have tears and cracks in them, they will likely run right over ice that has frozen to the glass. Installing a new set of wipers and filling your wiper fluid reservoir with specially formulated ice melting fluid will help you keep your windshield ice free!

Tire Pressure

Cold weather also means your tires air pressure takes a dip. hen your tires are low on air pressure, they can droop and lift the tread in the center of the tire off of the ground. This is dangerous because the tread of your tire is what gives you traction on wet and icy roads! Once the temperatures drop, double check your tire pressure to the manufacturer’s specifications!

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